Google will start the production of Pixel Smartphones in Tamil Nadu. The high demand for smartphones leads to the initiative. Under this move, Google will partner with Foxconn to start the work. While Google is excelling in smartphones, Alphabet is excelling in drone supply. India is the most populous country in the world. Thus, the smartphone consumption also increases with the increase in the population. More and more people are adapting to the digital means. Let us explore Google’s partnership more below.

Google Will Partner With Foxconn

Google will enter into a partnership with Foxconn to manufacture Pixel smartphones in Tamil Nadu. Foxconn deals in the manufacturing of the iPhone. Thus, the collaboration will lead to an increase in smartphone production. Pixel was launched by Google a few years back. It came out as a hit product by the company. Several people started purchasing and reviewing the smartphone. Being a Google product, the smartphone provides all its features. Google is focused on increasing the sales of its smartphones. Thus, it will be putting more effort into starting its manufacturing soon.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is working on the supply of drones. Alphabet has its subsidiary Wing LLC, which will supply drones. The business already provides services to the United States, Europe and Australia. Foxconn is handling the manufacturing of more than 14% of the iPhones. Google has been deciding to work on this idea for a long time. Tamil Nadu also has a high electronics supply. The state already supplies $9.56 billion of the products. From Tamil Nadu itself, the country has become the third-largest national exporter of electronics.

Google has partnered with HP and Chromebook. They are focussing more on the growth of smartphone and drone supply. Alphabet’s drone project also seems to be having a growth-oriented approach. Other companies are also focusing on drone delivery services. There are no fully developed drone delivery systems yet. However, the designs and engineering are being taken out. Tamil Nadu is becoming the electronic hub.

The majority of smartphones are supplied from the country. TRB Rajaa and other Tamil Nadu ministers met Google Executives. Google will soon mention further details about its partnership with Foxconn. The companies have also undergone discussions. Thus, it will also meet the rising smartphone demand. Google and Faxconn collaboration can lead to more growth in the smartphone supply. We will provide more updates shortly.

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