Sirca Paints released its Q4 results recently. The company acquired New Wembley Products LLP, after which the company’s share price went up by 1%. As per the recent details of Sirca Paints, the company was profitable for the quarter. It is expected to grow again in the upcoming quarters after a shortfall in the previous quarter. Sirca Paints is among the top wood coating and wall paint manufacturing companies. Let us dive deep into the Sirca Paints Q4 results in comparison and growth below. 

Sirca Paints Q4 Results 2024 Net Profit, Revenue, Sales, And More

Sirca Paints’ Q4 results 2024 were released today. The company made a revenue of Rs. 84.72 Crores, up from Rs. 69.40 Crores in Q4 2022-23. It made a net profit of Rs. 12.51 Crores, up from Rs. 9.48 Crores in the previous year Q4. Net Profit Margins for Q4 2023-24 were 14.77%, up from 13.66% last year. Sirca Paints has grown every year.

Sirca Paints’ quarterly results are also positive. The company made a revenue of Rs. 74.12 Crore in the previous quarter. The company had a net profit of Rs. 10.51 Crore. Meanwhile, net profit margins for the quarter were 14.18%. Sirca went low on its earnings in the previous quarter. However, profits are again rising. If we talk about Sirca Paints’ share price, the company is down by 0.13% today. The market is also showing a fall for some shares. However, the company has experienced more than 6% overall growth in share price in the past five days. 

Sirca Paints was founded in 2006. The company has been running successfully for the last 18 years. Sirca Paints opened its share with Rs. 330.05 today. It is currently going below its previous close of Rs. 333.50. Sirca Paints has a market cap of Rs. 1.83 thousand crore. The P/E ratio is 35.54. Sirca Paints Q2 2023-24 was the highest. It had a revenue of Rs. 84.80 crore. At the same time, its net profit was Rs. 15.51 Crore. At the same time, the Net profit Margin was 18.29%. 

Sirca Paints is planning to work on its new acquisition. The company will work on further expansion and growth, and thus, it expects to perform even better. The company made a slump sale acquisition for Rs. 20 Crores. They will have full access to the company’s resources, such as brand name, patents, and technical know-how, and will utilize them effectively.

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