In a recent development, the Central Government and Excise Commissionerate held a meeting. They later published a circular in which the government and department asked GST officers not to take leaves and help the department achieve GST revenue targets.

GST Department Prioritises Target Achievement, Officers to Minimise Leave until March End

The Central GST and Excise Commissionerate at Surat released a circular for all Grade A and Grade B officers to follow the guidelines published in the circular. The director focused on efforts put in by GST officials during the given period.

Further in the circular, the commissioner also asked Grades A and B to avoid leaves and take leaves only when needed the most. Because of a medical condition or emergency, the leave will be approved in exceptional circumstances.

Last month of January, we saw massive growth in GST collection, surpassing all the RCOeds and becoming the second-last growth of till now around ₹1.72 lakh crore. This shows how GST helps not only the central but also state governments in development and also that people’s purchasing power is increasing with time.

The government expects to cross and break all the records in the GST collection. The government not only focuses on GST but also the excise department, which helps to collect tax from various sources, mostly alcohol, and the excise tax directly goes to state governments, which unline GST, which firstly goes to the central government and later the central government distributes it based on collection.

Last year in April, the GST collection was the highest of all time, crossing ₹1.87 lakh crore, and as per January data, it’s not hard for the government to cross this line and set a new GST collection achievement. And the 2023–2024 gross monthly collection of GST is higher than last year.

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