India begins the anti-dumping probe on the import of a chemical named Titanium Dioxide. Thus, there will be an investigation that will take place to detect any loss or damage to the domestic player. We will share details about the current anti-dumping probe below. Thus, three companies complain about it on behalf of the domestic industry, Travancore Titanium Products Ltd., Kerala Minerals, and VV Titanium Pigments Pvt. Ltd. They applies the anti-dumping of a chemical from China and Japan.

India To Begin Anti-Dumping Probe Against This Chemical Import

India Will Initiate Its Anti-Dumping Probe Against This Chemical

Three companies filed complaints on the behalf of domestic industry. They mention that the imports from Japan and China of a particular chemical are causing damage to the domestic industry. DGTR (Directorate General of Trade Remedies) takes the application seriously. They state that they will take action and initiate anti-dumping if the research finds the application valid.

Thus, the application provides proper proof. There was prima facie evidence. Anti-Dumping refers to increasing import duty on the goods that get sold cheaper than the domestic price. Thus, it is important to preserve the domestic industry of any sector or product. Anti-dumping puts restrictions on the import of such products or puts high import duty on them to maintain the domestic industry.

The incident of anti-dumping in this case relates to a chemical named, Titanium Dioxide. Thus, the proper investigation will take place. The organization will clear the matter with an investigation from both sides. It will provide exact details about the amount of loss to the domestic industry. India is taking several steps to protect such cheaper imports in the country. Otherwise, it will lead to a severe loss to the domestic market. The country depends highly on imports.

The Indian government put restrictions on several other products from China as well. The application mentions two countries, Japan and China. Thus, the imports relating to a particular segment are targeted. Thus, the results and final decision will come out from the side of the Finance Ministry. Only they can decide whether any duty will be imposed or not.

All the nationwide players have to keep these policies in mind before exporting any product to another country. There are a lot of examples of such incidents prior as well. India is a developing country. Thus, it has to take every step wisely. Apart from that, the anti-dumping probe has already begun, and will come to a decision soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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