The government introduces the 14th Task Force to know different aspects of green steel production. India is taking these steps to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The climatic changes due to global warming are now becoming visible slowly. Thus, there is a strong need to shift to sustainable energy. India is trying to figure out the best ways to reduce the carbon emissions from the domestic steel industries. Let us explore more about it below.

Government Announces 14th Task Force For Researching The Use Of Bio Char

The Government Introduces The 14th Task Force For The Green Steel Production

The government’s 14th Task Force is for knowing the use of Biochar in steel production. It is considered an important part that reduces carbon emissions. Thus, knowing its benefits will be beneficial. We will also explore the other use cases of Biochar that can be new to us. The chemical is a black carbon originating from biomass sources. It can be of different types such as agricultural waste.

There were already 13 task forces exploring green steel production. Thus, it is not the first time. Jyotiraditya Scindia also approves these task forces. Thus, the country is moving at a faster pace toward sustainable development. It clearly shows that the world can be a developed economy while taking care of the environment. There is no necessity to pollute it. Different sectors and industries are finding ways to reduce waste.

The Government is making efforts to support such research even more. As per the current date, India is releasing a high amount of Carbon Dioxide. While its main sources are industries and production. Around 12% of greenhouse gas emissions from the total in the country take place due to the domestic steel sector. Around 2.55 tonnes is the expected amount of the emission. Thus, there is a need to understand the reason and cause behind it. Only then, one will be able to work on it.

The global emission of CO2 per tonne of crude steel is around 1.9 times CO2, which is less than that in India. The other uses of Biochar can be for the electric arc furnace. There are already several good methods of using Biochar Manufacturing in a friendly way. Thus, the government is working to reduce carbon emissions from the domestic steel industries. As they constitute a major percentage, reducing it will be beneficial. We hope you get enough details about the 14 task force purpose. We will provide further updates soon on our website.

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