PepsiCo is a big beverage brand known for its amazing taste. The company will be opening its new unit in Ujjain. It will help them cater to the wider sector of the audience. Thus it will be easy for them to reach inner India and the places where their beverages are still not available. The company makes the announcement recently. PepsiCo’s huge new unit will invest Rs. 1,266 Crore in total.

PepsiCo Setting New Unit In Ujjain With An Investment Of Rs. 1,266 Crores

PepsiCo Will Setup New Unit In Ujjain Worth Rs. 1,266 Crore

PepsiCo’s new unit construction will take place at Ujjain. The amount of investment will be Rs. 1,2666 Crore. Thus, the company is focussing on its formalities to begin the setup. This unit will be special for the company as it will be manufacturing a new flavor to cater to a wider audience. The city will be able to get an unlimited supply after the unit’s setup is complete. PepsiCo is growing in the field of beverage flavors as well.

It is not the first setup of this time. The company has a similar setup in Channo, Punjab as well. All the setup and construction will begin after some formalities. It will take approx 2 years for the formation. Thus, if it started in 2024, it will be completed in 2026. The International MNCs are increasing their investment amount in the country as they can see the growth potential here. India is fastly adopting packaged and processed foods and cold drinks. The youth is getting attracted to it.

PepsiCo is not only increasing itself in beverages, it is no less in foods as well. Another setup in Assam for food manufacturing is in progress. It is expected to launch by 2025. The company had an investment of Rs. 778 Crores on it. PepsiCo is operating at a wider level. Thus, it takes expansion projects almost every year. If we talk about the year 2022, the company invested Rs. 186 crores in Kosi Kalan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh for its greenfield food manufacturing.

PepsiCo is making a growth in its profits on an annual basis. Thus, the further expectations are that the company will be working on bringing new ideas further. The company had a huge profit in the previous year. It was Rs. 255 Crore. If we talk about the revenue, it was Rs. 8,128 Crore. The company has a good amount of sales from its all brands. The other main projects are Pepsi, Mirinda, and Tropicana, which are also successful brands. Stay tuned for more information.

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