India’s hotel industry is rising with a massive growth since 2019. As per the news, the Hotel Industry saw 3 times growth in the past years. Jefferies the world’s most well-known institutional investor expects the same growth rate in India’s hotel industry during the fiscal year 2024. Here we will explore the details of this news and how much actual growth the Indian hotel industry marked till now.

Indian Hotel Industry

In the last five years, the hotel industry has boomed with a great surge which is getting significant support from various factors. The rise in the travel industry is one of the strong reasons behind the surge of the hotel industry market cap since 2019. Now India is observing a rise in travelers and people more spending on travel than in previous years. This also shows the expenditure capacity of people.

The recent note by Jefferies’s analyst added that the hotel industry may get the same surge in the market cap in FY24 also.

As per the reports, there are some other factors behind this surge in the hotel industry market cap like pricing, affordability, and macroeconomic conditions.

According to the data by, India’s hotel industry market cap was $2.41 billion in 2019 and now it is $11.73 billion. The detailed table with the change is available below.

YearMarket capChange
2024$11.73 B56.15%
2023$7.51 B37.38%
2022$5.47 B70.64%
2021$3.20 B64.17%
2020$1.95 B-19.24%
2019$2.41 B-3.74%

It is expected that this growth rate will continue in FY24 and FY25. The primary reason behind this assumption is the massive rise in the travel industry

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