India’s eco-friendly cow dung paint demand has been increasing over the period. The paint was first launched in 2021 with the vision of bringing the old tradition back to India. The colours and the painting industry are following the traditional approach with modern technology. The Indian name for the said is Khadi Prakritik Paint. It is available in two forms, which are distemper and plastic emulsion. Let us break down the new paint concept below along with its increasing demand.

India's Eco Friendly Cow Dung Paint Demand Increases

The Demand For The Cow Dung Paint Is Increasing

The demand for cow dung paint is increasing which is available in two forms, distemper and plastic emulsion. The company’s dealing in the paints is getting a high increase in the demand. The paint has approval in lab tests. It has all the requirements. There has been a curiosity among the people to know more about the capability of this paint. It is available in both white colour and other colours. It can take up any of the colours as needed. The paint dries naturally in four hours. Thus, it is compatible and natural paint that’s going on from India’s traditional times. It has a history of repetitive use cases. Cow dung has multiple use cases being a highly beneficial substance.

Khadi Prakritik Paint is the known name of the paint and it is completely eco-friendly. The company launched it a few years ago. However, the use cases have increased. People prefer paints made with cow dung rather than chemicals. Thus, it will be the best way to support environment-friendly things. The initiative is not only having the environment benefits, it is also having the farmers benefit. Many farmers will have different benefits from this step. It increased the earning sources and growth for the farmers.

The price of these paints is well-maintained as well. The distemper is valued at Rs. 120 per litre. While the emulsion is valued a Rs. 225 per litre. National Test House, Shri Ram Institute for Industrial Research, New Delhi, and National Test House. Cow dung is not being used for the first time It has been used previously as well. Products like incense sticks are also made from cow dung. These are the natural cow dung products. While other products are also manufactured from cow dung. Cow dung soaps are also available. These are the products that have its benefits. India is having its first of the product in cow dung paints. While other manufacturers are also moving ahead.

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