IRMRI (The Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research) is now taking a step to bring blockchain technology into the rubber industry. As per the sources, the steps are already successful. The new certifications in the industry will be provided based on blockchain technology, It will help to prevent recruiters by identifying fake certifications. The learners will get a certification with a QR code and the blockchain registered identity. Thus, anyone will be able to check the authenticity of the certificate.

IRMRI And Emertech Brings Technological Enhancements By Bringing Blockchain

IRMRI Collaborates With Emertech To Get Blockchain-Enabled Certifications In The Industry

IRMRI collaborated with Emertech Innovations to get the Blockchain-enabled certifications. The skill certification program by the rubber industry will now be provided through the blockchain. All the certificates will have a QR code on it. The recruiters will be able to scan it and verify its authenticity. It is a great initiative by the Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Institute. There will be more such initiatives by the government. It is just a beginning.

This is the first and a small step towards innovation. It is helping the industry to remain updated with the technology and bringing it to the best use for everyone. It will solve a real problem. There will be workers who have gained proper knowledge about the subject. It will surely help in bettering the technology.

Mr. Gourav Somwanshi is the co-founder and CEO of Emertech Innovations. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about the workings of this technology. Blockchain is a decentralized system where anything once recorded does not get deleted. It has fewer chances for hacks and also they have better security. Thus, no one can interfere with the system to create any fake changes.

There are many individuals with a fake certification. They often tend to fail in providing quality work. Emertech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has tried to provide the best quality work. The company is working day and night on providing better quality blockchain technology. The company will be providing further technological advancements to help IRMRI with moving further. The founders and  CEO of the company are excited to share the successful implementation of the project. It will work as a revolution in the rubber industry itself.

The certification process with blockchain started already. We hope you get enough details about the IRMRI and Emertech collaboration above. This blockchain technology might apply to all other certifications as well. Stay tuned for more information.

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