McAfee Partners and Intel are creating a deep fake video detection system. This tool will help recognize the increasing amounts of deepfake videos over the internet. We will share details about McAfee Partners and Intel collaboration below. The collaboration will help in preventing a lot of scams that take place over the years. The deep fake video makers target not only common people but also celebrities. Recently actor Ranveer Singh filed an FIR against his deepfake video over the internet.

McAfee Partners And Intel Involves In A Partnership To Launch Deepfake Videos Detector

McAfee Partners And Intel Involves In A Partnership To Reduce The Deepfake Videos Through The Launch Of Their AI System

McAfee Partners and Intel are working together to create a deep fake video detection tool. As we all know deepfake videos are increasing and scams are also increasing. Therefore, there is a need for some tools to prevent it. There have been a lot of interesting things that this tool can bring. The foremost thing it will provide is a sense of security.

Intel is one of the biggest chip maker companies in America. Apart from that, McAfee is also among the top cybersecurity company. The model will detect the language and detect the use of AI in the video. It will be available in different languages later. They will use the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for it. This technology will be smart enough to detect the AI deep fake videos and provide performance enhancement by 300%.

As we all know AI has changed everything with its advanced levels. What is seen is not often true nowadays. There are a lot of actors and actresses falling prey to these deepfake video scams. Cases like the ones always create tension among the people going through it. Many use celebrities’ deep fake videos to get money from the people.

As per the details, there are around 500 AI models for its core ultra processors. Open VINO Model Zoo, Hugging Face, ONMX Model Zoo, and PyTorch are the sources providing these AI models. AI-based systems will be trained perfectly for the betterment of performance. McAfee Partners and Intel’s collaboration will lead to a top-quality product in the market.

There are not many details about how will they use this technology at a mass level. What will be the distribution strategy? Whether it will be used by cyber security firms or will be accessible to common people also. We hope you get enough details about McAfee Partners and Intel’s new collaboration above.

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