The government is focusing on increasing the development of the IT Hardware sector in the country. It includes the production of laptops, mobiles, tablets, servers, personal computers, and Ultra Smal Form Factors devices (USFF). From the 27 companies getting the approval and benefits of the PLI scheme, there are 17 that started its production this year. All of them are working with full force on the dream of making India Atamanirbhar. We will share details about IT Hardware’s PLI schemes below.

IT Hardware PLI Scheme Approves 27 Companies For Production, 17 Started This Year

After several incidents of the West showing the power of being a tech leader in India, the government of India took several initiatives to make the IT hardware sector independent. The government is also focusing on increasing the domestic value addition. It will lead to an increase in the exports of such items. S Krishnan shares his opinions and the continuous growth of the industry as well. IT Hardware PLI scheme was approved by the Union Cabinet on 17 2023.

Under this scheme, 27 companies got the approval. They will get some additional benefits and perks on the production. The companies will be able to boost their production with the help of the government’s support. 6-7 companies started immediately after the approval in the previous year. However, some companies started this year. It includes a total of 17 companies. One of those companies, Netweb Technologies Limited recently started its production in Faridabad.

The remaining two will start the production by next year. The companies that got approval are Dell, HP, Foxconn, Lenovo, Netweb Technologies, and others. The industry will increase in size slowly. It will also lead to the creation of more jobs in the industry. More people will get employment. Apart from that, the exports will increase bringing more money to the company.

The successful implementation of this mission will allow the country to improve its tech sector. If more and more products start getting manufactured in India, it will save a lot of cost and also make the products cheaper. People will get the opportunity to explore the new segments in the industry. CMD of Netweb Technologies, Sanjay Lodha, also says that the segment will provide better data center computing solutions. The company is moving towards its best phase shortly. We hope you get enough details about the IT Hardware PLI Scheme and the production inauguration of these companies under the scheme. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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