2024 has been a year full of surprises. Places like Ayodhya, Lakshadweep, and Nandi Hills have been highest demand. Everyone wants to visit these places increasing the bookings in these areas. We will share details about the recent data from summer travel trends by Make My Trip below. The company recorded the highest bookings for this year. Under the rule of Narendra Modi, the Ram Temple was completed. The inauguration took place in the Jan 2024 attracting a lot of tourists. Let us explore more below. 

MakeMyTrip Shares The Summer Travel Trends Showing Rising Demands For Traveling To Ayodhya And Lakshadweep

MakeMyTrip shares the changing interests of travelers for the current period. As per the results, Ayodhya and Lakshadweep have an increasing number of travelers. While Puri and Varanasi are the most demanding places in the pilgrimage sector. In the last financial year, there was a controversy between India and Maldives. Due to the offensive posts from Maldives’ officials, Indians boycotted their travel to the Maldives.

People canceled their tickets in a huge amount. After a few days of the controversy, PM Modi visited Lakshadweep for the underwater activities. People were encouraged to see him visit Lakshadweep. The tickets and bookings for Lakshadweep started increasing. More and more people preferred visiting the Lakshadweep islands. A hashtag started going viral #boycottmaldives. 

The incident had a huge impact on the Maldives’s travel income as the majority of Indians used to book Maldives as their destination for their honeymoons or romantic travels. Apart from that, the Ayodhya city Ram Mandir consecration ceremony took place leading to the opening of the Ram temple for common people. The businesses of hotels and transportation increased manifold after that. It provides job opportunities to many people. However, some videos also showed the people who lost their houses after the construction of the temple. 

This was about domestic travel. However, international travels include Baku, Almaty, Nagoya, Luxembourg, Langkawi, and Antalya among the destinations of interest by the travelers. People traveled in different categories. Some preferred to travel with families leading to a 20% increase in the segment. While others traveled solo, leading to a 10% increase.

The majority of the bookings were in the segment of Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 7,000 per night homestays. The summer season shows a good response as well during the summer vacations of the students. We hope you get enough details about the recent detailed travel search interests for the previous year below. 

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