Nippon Paint will start a new brand by the name Mastercraft. The main motto of this brand will be to establish services for consumers in automotive body and paint repair service. We will share details about Nippon’s new brand below. The company is going to cater to the needs of body and paint work along with car decoration services as well. Let us look at Mastercraft’s business model in detail below.

Nippon Paint Will Start Its New Brand Mastercraft Soon

Nippon will be working on a new brand by the name Mastercraft. It will provide body and paint work services with car decoration services. Cars play a crucial role in the life of every individual. Thus, its timely repair and paint care is a must to keep it like new. The company understands the emotions of cardholders and provides them with the best services. There will be experts looking for the body paintwork and painting, small repairs, and Paint Protection Film, They will also provide decoration facilities for the cars.

Apart from that velocity repair and same-day delivery options will be active for the small repairs. The company will focus on developing high-quality paints to protect the cars from paint peeling off soon. Making it weather-resistant and scratch-resistant can be a great idea for the company. There are other existing competitors as well in the industry. Currently, NIPSEA Group is at the top in paint and coatings. The company has a global presence. Operational in 22 countries, they lead the industry.

If we talk about Nippon Paint, the company started in 1981 by Haruta and Jujiro Moteki. They are brothers and working together taking the company to the top. They will also try to integrate tech into it. With automation as a tool, a company can move far away to the heights. If we talk about its store’s location, Mastercraft will have its store operation in Gurugram. It will be operating at a massive level and will be able to cater to the areas around Gurugram like Delhi and NCR as well.

Mastercraft will use the state-of-the-art technology. Thus, there will be the capacity to manage and repair 2,500 cars per year with the company. It starts at a decent level and moves further upwards. Nippon Paint might open the company in other places in the country later, However, there are no clear announcements yet. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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