Vedanta is going to start mining in Goa. The company will be mining iron ore at Bicholim. There will be several benefits for the state’s development. The government took the step to further expand the state’s economic growth. Goa is a center of tourism where people travel most of the time. We will share details about Vendanta’s new operations and the mining process below. Let us explore more about Vendanta’s operations below.

Vedanta Will Be Mining Iron Ore AT Bicholim, Will Start Its Operations Soon

Vedanta will be starting its iron ore mining soon. Bicholim will be the first firm to be operational as the government has banned the mining in Goa. The reason behind the ban was to stop the mining practices in the state. Thus, no mining took place after 2018 in Goa. However, coming back to it will lead to employment as per the government’s decision. Vedanta Sesa Goa is working hard upon the project. Vedanta also believes that the more and more people will get employment. Thus, it is a good chance for the people in Goa looking for jobs.

The mining will commence at Bicholim block. Vedanta is eager and excited for the deal as they believe that it will contribute to the Goa’s economy only. The question arises how? Vedanta mentions that the mining industry used to contribute 20% of the GDP of the state. However, it becomes operational later. There were a lot of hurdles for the company during this time. However, Goa shifted to its tourism sector and beaches. Today, Goa is on the bucket list of every traveler.

Today, Vedanta engages in sustainable growth under complete transparency. The company is getting recognition from a lot of sectors. The dining started on Thursday. The company has the highest revenue from the 63.55% from Bicholim Mining Block. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about Vedanta. The company mentions to take proper precautions for the miner’s safety. They also say that they will focus on several initiatives for them as well.

The commencement already gave employment to the people living there. Thus, there will be more opportunities in the coming year. Goa is only seen in terms of travel and living a lifestyle. However, it is not the same always. There might be other potentials of the state that are being explored. We will provide more updates shortly. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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