India’s cab service company after launching the electronic scooters, now going to start e-bike services in the country. Currently, Ola has announced this e-bike service for only two states Delhi and Hyderabad. The company is also on the path to bring its IPO very soon this year probably. Let’s explore everything about this Ola e-bike service and what is the fare decided by the company for the customers in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Ola e-bike Services

After the launch of Ola e-bike services people get curious to know the fares and what price the company will charge per km for its bike services. As per the details given by the company and available info on the internet, Ola e-bike services will start from 25 for 5 km, 50 for 10 km, and 75 for 15 km. Till now company has already set up over 200 charging stations in Bengaluru for its e-bike service, so we may see the start of this service in Bengaluru as well.

Ola is planning to deploy over 10,000 electric two-wheelers across three cities in the next two months Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. Eventually, this will create more revenue for the company because the demand for this service is rising in the metro cities. As per the expectations, the company may start this e-bike service in Delhi and Hyderabad in the next few months. The official date of start is yet to be announced by Ola.

Currently, Ola is one of the well-known startups in India and a leading cab service company with over 1.75 million rides in the past years. With other services and products, Ola will achieve new milestones of revenue. Also, the company getting attention because of its Initial Public Offer (IPO) to raise funds for the massive expansion. The IPO included Rs 5,500 crore fresh issue + offer for sale of 9.52 crore shares.

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