For a few years, the Indian government has been promoting manufacturing and the use of electric vehicles for the environment to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and make the entire economy net zero by 2070.

Ola Electric Technologies

For the promotion of manufacturing, the government of India introduced a scheme named the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme, which aims to give incentives to companies so that they can attain advanced technology for electrical vehicles, which will help companies to advance their vehicles and eventually people would like to use them.

Ola Electric became the first company in India to receive the First PLI-Automotive Certificate, which will help Ola Electric Technologies Private Limited advance the technology in their current Ola electric vehicles.

As of now, Ola Electric makes electric scooters and has three types of scooters named OLA S1X+, OLA S1 Air, and Ola S1 Pro, but as per their websites, they are also making other electric bikes, such as different types of electric motorbikes.

The production-linked incentive will not only help companies make more manufacturing units or expand their current facilities, but it will also boost the production of electric vehicles eventually, create more employment in the country, and prove more advanced vehicles.

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