Painters Supply And Equipment acquired AeroCoat company. The deal took place successfully. The company made the news public through an emailed press release. They shared all the necessary details of the event in the mail. The company is looking further to collaborate with AeroCoat to help them with the inventory and expand their business in the industry. The collaboration takes place with mutual consent and hopes to bring fruitful results to both companies.

Painters Supply And Equipment Acquires AeroCoat

Painters Supply and Equipment, a coating accessories company, took a significant step and acquired AeroCoat. The news was made public on 13 May 2024. The acquisition took place successfully. AeroCoat provides coating and painting solutions to the aviation and military industries. With more than 25 years of experience, the company excels in most of its segments. Thus, the company can boom even further with this acquisition. Painters Supply and Equipment is now willing to focus on strengthening the company’s inventory.

With a substantial inventory, they will be able to reach more customers. In addition, PSE is looking to start a same-day delivery process for the company. This step will not only help the customers build their trust fast but will also help the company increase its sales further. The company now has its reach and availability in 15 states of the United States. They are ready to lead the industry.

Painters Supply and Equipment CEO & President Patrick said they are happy to welcome AeroCoat to their family. Appreciating the company, the CEO said that AeroCoat has 25 years of experience and an experienced team in the field. The acquisition will not affect the current employees and workers. Every employee will work as they were in their office at Maple Shade, New Jersey, United States.

Painters Supply and Equipment are eager to commence the work on their new project. There are a few details about the acquisition that are available. However, PSE looks forward to doing its best to bring appreciable results. Painters Supply and Equipment mention their excitement in the press release from the email. Both companies will start their operations in a combined way after all the formalities. Thus, the two big giants coming together will create something better for their customers. People are also eagerly looking for the outcome of this acquisition. This will not affect the people ordering new products from the company’s website or stores.

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