BYK-Gardner makes several testing solutions for colour measurement and appearance. The company introduced its new product, CV3evo, in the market, which has some modifications in the model. While there is a comparison going on between the two products, will the new version be able to beat the older one? As we know, this latest version will include modular components that will have more flexibility. BYK Gardner USA’s latest product launch is adapting to a new design.

BYK-Gardner USA Launches New Product CV3evo

BYK-Gardner USA introduces the new product CV3evo Dispermat Dissolver. The company has made some changes in the product’s design, and with the improvement, the product is now ready to serve the market. The Dispermat Dissolver’s new model fulfills all the customer requests. The company has handled all the complaints and issues and tried to fix them in this product.

VMA Getzmann is the new manufacturer of the product. They have reduced the size but provide more efficiency in a small device. Following is a description of the device changes:

Worktop: Closed

Uniques Lifting Column: Yes

Integrated Control Panel: Yes

Large Color Display: Yes

Light-up Buttons: Yes

System Adaptability: Yes

The makers have focused on providing more flexibility, which is possible with the additional flexibility component. It is now a perfect example of R&D production scaling. The company director shows his excitement for the launch of the new product in the market. He is hopeful that the new product will get more appreciation from the users, as it has several advanced features to meet all the people’s requirements. The CV3evo control panel will help the companies level up the game.

What is the best part? The best part is that the new launch is available at the old price. This means the company provides the product with all the improvements at no extra cost. The price point often needs to be fixed for several users. The company is motivated to provide a valuable product, this time taking care of all the needs of its users. The demand is going to increase in some weeks. There needs to be more awareness about the new launch. It is ready to bring a market boom and company sales with its unique features. It can perform advanced functions like media milling, dispersing under vacuum, and homogenization.  It will be super-beneficial for the users as they can take advantage of both ordinary and advanced mechanisms in a single and compact device.

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