Sherwin-Williams is now ready to set up their new plant. The company took a step towards its expansion in the field of Non-BPA Coatings Production in Europe. Sherwin-Williams deals in the painting and coating of several products. However, after getting a good response on the beverage cans coatings, the company decided to focus more on the segment. They expanded their plant at Deeside, U.K., and Tournus, France. The company received good demand from the European market and American markets for the coatings of beverage cans. Let us know how.


Sherwin-Williams has expanded its plant in Deeside, U.K., and Tournus, France. Looking towards the increasing need for non-bisphenol A packaging coatings, the company is ready to start operations in the selected areas. They will begin producing ValPure V70 Coatings. These supplies will reach European countries, the Middle East, African countries, and India as well. The company will use V70 Coatings technology to provide better protection against corrosion.

The current market has PPG Innovel as the most used beverage can coating technique. This is a non-BPA Internal Beverage Can Spray Technology. Sherwin-Williams explains their V70 Coatings technology as well. It is a non-BPA epoxy-can coating. As per the details, it caters to the metal packaging norms and standards. Thus, the use of technology is considered a plus point, increasing demand worldwide.

The company also elaborates on the coating’s quality. Sherwin-Williams mentions that the coatings are technically tested and undergo screening rounds, leading to high-quality final results. The company has an extended plan to invest in the project. However, they decided to work hard on their older model first. The wait is over now. They struggled to complete the mission, but they have made it now. As per the details, ValPure V70 is suitable for coatings of lighter metal packaging.

They have already taken a step towards further growth and expansion. The company expects to reach the heights soon. The beverage coatings have been in heavy demand by the company. Thus, the company aims to utilise this technology to provide durable results. Sherwin-Williams’ only aim is to provide a lasting coating through their work. They are working on consumer satisfaction. It can surely help people connect to them. The coatings have several other additional benefits. The coatings are said to be corrosion-free. Along with this, coatings also favour long-term sustainability.

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