Pharma Lobby Crackdown: 18 pharmaceutical companies were stripped of their licenses on Tuesday, March 28, after the government ordered them to stop production due to “poor drug quality”. Here is the complete news and report that you should read. We have collected information and offering you this article with complete details over the news. Read More Business News on our website.

Pharma Lobby Crackdown

18 Pharma Companies lose their License Know Why?

On 5 October last year, WHO issued an alert for four cough and cold syrups made by Haryana-based Maiden Pharmaceuticals after 66 children were reported to have died in the Gambia.

Over the past few months, India has come under close scrutiny from global authorities such as the World Health Organization after reports emerged that Indian-made cough syrup/syrup had caused deaths and injuries. disability in other countries.

The reason Behind Pharma Lobby Crackdown

A major chunk of these companies are said to be based in Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand. According to the official, action has been taken against 70 companies in Himachal Pradesh and 45 in Uttarakhand and 23 in Madhya Pradesh in the crackdown on companies producing counterfeit drugs.

India’s General Directorate of Drug Control has ordered inspections of 76 pharmaceutical companies in 20 states. Tests by central and state teams have been going on for about 15 days. These come as questions are raised about the quality of Indian-made medicines sold abroad.

A source from the Ministry of Health said that there had been a cancellation of the product circulation permits of 3 companies. This is Phase 1 of the campaign, in which 203 pharmaceutical companies have been identified and action has been taken with 76 companies.

In addition, Marion Biotech Pvt. Global Pharma Healthcare’s cough syrup and Global Pharma Healthcare’s EzriCare Artificial Tears eye drops were found to be substandard.

“A joint team from the central and state governments conducted a special inspection and campaign to prevent the production of counterfeit drugs and ensure proper compliance with manufacturing standards,” the official said.

According to official sources, a major crackdown is underway against pharmaceutical companies across the country that are involved in the production of counterfeit drugs. 

In another case, on 11 January, WHO again issued a warning against two cough syrups made by Noida-based Marion Biotech after the syrups were linked to the virus. deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan last December.

WHO Report over these Pharma Companies

After the WHO called them “unsafe medical products” and “poor quality medical products”, three company employees were arrested in early March. This has raised questions around the world – how safe are the drugs made by Indian Pharma?

In February, US health authorities warned against the use of eye drops sold by Chennai-based Global Pharma Healthcare after the product resulted in one death and several cases of vision loss. The company then had to recall the entire batch of eye drops it produced.

And again in February, Gujarat-based Zydus Lifesciences had to recall more than “55,000 bottles of generic gout medication from the US market”, after the drug failed to pass tests. quality inspection, NDTV reported.

There have been various articles, books written earlier – that always pointed to the dark truth about the Indian Pharma Lobby. No doubt, the Pharma lobbies in the developed nations have always been accused of conspiracies and cover-ups. However, this is the first time the international authorities have turned against Indian Pharma. The government has been keen and acted on their toes, instantly to curb the manufacturers. There is more to curb in this wave. The heads won’t be touched as usual, but the mid-level manufacturers and exporters are getting their side of the dues. Also, read the latest business news on the Industrial Front news website.

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