Pidilite Industries Limited is India’s dominant and leading adhesive company. A little while back, announced their keen interest in entering into the painted sphere and with commencing of April announced the launch of a new brand ‘Haisha Paints’.  Here is the complete information about what is Haisha Paints. We will explore everything related to the brand which is important to read. Read More Business News on our website.

Haisha Paints

Pidilite’s Haisha Paints Know Everything

Pidilite exists as the leading player in the waterproofing segment;  ‘Dr. Fixit’. Experts believe the waterproofing segment biz will act as a social and primary reason for the boost of this new brand. Dr. Fixit’s existence will make sure that the budding brand, ‘Haisha Paints’ will build its way to the paint dealers and will help to work them out in this new sphere for Pidilite Industries Limited.

If you are looking for work by Haisha Paints in the upcoming years then it going to offer several services. As per our research, the company will work under the available categories such as Interior Emulsions, Floor Coats, and Wall Primers. Undoubtedly, it going to be a drastic move by the parent company Pidilite to capture a good market cap in the Paint industry.

Haisha Paints is all set to embark on a journey under the categories of 

  • Interior Emulsions
  • Floor Coats
  • Wall Primers

All these will be available in the market and have been categorized as:

  • Classic
  • Select
  • Premium

The availability of these products is currently in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Telangana.

Haisha Paints News & Details

After the news about this paint brand, everyone in the same industry wants to know the plan and vision of the company. Let’s take into account the ‘Classic Category’ of Haisha Paints, which is available at the rate of ₹215 per liter whereas the Asian Paints and Berger Paints are available at the rate of ₹275 per liter and ₹300 per liter, respectively. 

These similar brands would not cause any disputes but definitely will be heated competition in the paint segment.

India’s paints and coatings market is anticipated to grow to Rs 1 lakh crore in the next five years from its current Rs 62,000 crore. This data prediction commends to lure more and more leading brands, investors, and manufacturers who are actively growing in other segments, or the ones who are aiming to build a fortune and future in the paint industry. Experts believe Pidilite Industries Limited marked its another benchmark and with no speculation will tend to grow in this new segment. Also, read the latest business news on our website and bookmark it for future updates.

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