On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 2,000 projects worth ₹41,000 crore and called them the image of New India and the Path of Development. This is another initiative to transform India and make it a developed nation by 2047. The Prime Minister posted on social media platform X and told about projects where the government of India will renovate more than 553 stations under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme and try to provide the best facilities to the people.

PM Modi Inaugurates Railway Projects totaling ₹41,000 crore, encompassing 2,000 Initiatives

The government of India will also try to elevate the experience of the people and will make more bridges for people on stations. As of now, many people cross platforms in a risky way, and the government wants people to use bridges instead of crossing platforms through rail tracks in the future.

A total of 27 states and union territories will benefit from the  Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, and the government will invest around ₹19,000 crore in the development of the stations. The government will try its best to make things as good as an airport and provide a world-class experience to the passengers.

Recently, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation for the inauguration of Gurugram railway station, which will cost the government around ₹295 crore. By redeveloping the railway station, the government wants to control more passengers and provide them with the best facilities. 

On the other hand, the last station of the Delhi metro yellow line, “Millennium City Centre Gurugram,” formerly known as “Huda City Centre,” is still lacking in terms of facilities, and every day people still stand in long queues to enter the station.

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