Pulver Powder Coatings has expertise in powder coatings and facade designing. The company feels excited about participating in Zak World of Facades. The event is going to take place on  23rd April and 24th April 2024. They will be discussing some interesting opportunities and discovering new trends in powder coatings. Apart from that, there will be new learning and exploration in Quilcoat class 3,2, and 1 approved powders as well. Let us look at this new event from Pulver Powder Coatings upcoming event below.

Pulver Powder Coatings Will Be Joining Zak World Of Facades April Event In Dubai

Pulver Powder Coatings shows their excitement to join the Zak World Of Facades Event. It will take place on 23rd April 2024 and continue till 24th April 2024. The event details for Zak World Of Facades is as follows:

23 April 2024, Tuesday: Zak World of Facades UAE: The event will take place at Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The area has a good sitting capacity and is located in a city walk area in Dubai.

24 April 2024, Wednesday: Zak World of Facades UAE: The second-day event will take place at Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection, Al Falea St., Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Zak World of Facades will have the following learnings and trend discussion:

  1. Powder Coating Technology
  2. Qualicoat Class 3,2, and 1 approved powders
  3. Heat-Reflective Powders
  4. Bonding Metallic Powder

Pulver Powder Coatings will be providing knowledge about the new trends in Powder Coatings at the event. They will be available at G5 in Coca-Cola Arena. There will be other big companies showcasing the new trends. The poster shows the image of Coca-Cola Arena and the event details. The company will be looking forward to something interesting to exhibit at the event.

Apart from that, Zak World Of Facades is specially made for the discussion of the upcoming trends in facade engineering and designing. Facades are the front wall of the building from the outside. The company is making trends and is moving towards growth every year. They were established in the year 1988. Pulver Powder Coatings specializes in powder coatings. These are often a free-flowing powder applied on the walls. It is often sprayed over the items or walls. It creates a stunning look for the product. The powder is available in different colors and has different types. It is a big industry as the color gives a final touch to anything. We will provide more updates shortly about the company’s exhibit.

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