Shree Cement Limited inaugurates the First Greenfield Ready Mix Concrete plant. Hyderabad has this setup by the name Bangur Concrete. The inauguration takes place today on 26 March 2024, Tuesday. The company is moving towards expansion as the plant plays a crucial role in the company. It is a big step towards the company’s expansion as a multi-product company. Let us take a deep dive into the company’s new RMC inauguration. Shri HM Bangur Ji inaugurated the plant.

Shree Cement Limited Inaugurates Bangur Concrete On Tuesday

Shree Cement Limited inaugurated the Bangur Concrete Today for the first time. It is the first Greenfield Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plant. It took a long planning and construction to set up the plant in Hyderabad. These are a step of Shree Cement Limited towards its expansion. The company will be able to grow as a multi-product company. Shree Cement laid its foundation in 1979 and deals in cement manufacturing.

Shree Cement Limited set up a plant in Hyderabad for 90 cubic meters per hour capacity. Apart from that, there are a total of five operational plants with a total capacity of 512 cubic meters per hour. Shree Cement Limited is looking towards the acquisition of new plants. The company deals in cement manufacturing. The demand for cement is increasing as more and more families are going to live nuclear, the population is increasing, and also infrastructure development is increasing. The recent details show good growth of the company. Shree Cement Limited acquires the above-mentioned five plants for Rs. 33.5 Crore.

The Ready Mix Concrete is a new line for the company. The concept is growing rapidly in India. Earlier, there was a mixing of the concrete on the site. However, there is an option to carry on all the mixing processes at the company as per the requirement. The industry has a high scope as it becomes easier to directly use the mixed concrete rather than mixing it on the site. The company has a vision to expand in cement-related products as well. The company is making efforts to increase its reach.

Shree Cement has a high chance of getting projects from the government as the ready-mix concrete for building the highways and roadways will be the best option. It reduces the time taken and fastens the speed as the work delegates. Their current capacity will be increased with this new setup. The company will be able to get more and more opportunities to deliver their product.

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