The “Right to Repair” Movement has been gaining momentum across the World in recent years, and it has now made its way to India. A recent report highlighted that car and bike owners in the country can now get their vehicles repaired from local workshops without losing their warranty. This development could significantly benefit Consumers, especially those who have been struggling with high repair costs.

right to repair derivers

For many years, car and bike manufacturers have been restricting access to repair information and tools, making it challenging for Independent mechanics to service their products. Consequently, many consumers have had no choice but to go to authorized service centers, where they often face exorbitant fees. However, with the introduction of the “Right to Repair” law, car and bike owners in India now have the freedom to choose where they get their vehicles repaired.

According to the New-law, manufacturers are required to provide repair information, tools, and software to independent workshops. This allows consumers to take their vehicles to local mechanics without voiding their warranty. This is excellent news for those living in areas where authorized service centers are not easily accessible or for those who wish to save money on repairs.

Similar “Right to Repair” laws have been gaining momentum in other countries as well. Several states in the United States have passed legislation, which has increased competition in the repair industry and reduced costs for consumers. The European Union has also implemented similar legislation, requiring manufacturers to provide access to repair information and tools.

However, it is essential to note that the “Right to Repair” law in India applies only to cars and bikes that are under warranty. If a vehicle is out of warranty, manufacturers are not obliged to provide repair information or tools to independent workshops. Consequently, consumers may still need to go to authorized service centers for specific repairs.

Overall, the introduction of the “Right to Repair” Law in India is a step forward for consumers, as it provides them with more options when it comes to vehicle repairs and could help to reduce costs. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how manufacturers will respond to this new law and whether they will attempt to find ways to circumvent it.

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