SEBI barred Ravindra Bharti Education from the securities market under the allegation of unlawful gain. The company belongs to Ravindra Balu Bharti. He is a YouTuber and Finfluencer having prominence among the people. We will share details of SEBI’s notice and barring of the Ravindra Bharti Education Institute below. As its name suggests, the company deals in providing education and training to the people about the financial markets. Let us explore more about the company below.

SEBI Barred Ravindra

SEBI barred Ravindra Bharti Education Institute and ordered it to submit ₹12 Crore as a Penalty for unlawful gain. Ravindra Balu Bharti co-founded Ravindra Bharti Education Institute for unlawful gain. They have to submit around ₹12 crore as a penalty. Apart from that, there will also be interest upon this deposit. Thus, the company has to deposit the amount to the escrow account.

Who is Ravindra Balu Bharti? The company made its YouTube channel and website as well. They share the details about the market in the video. The YouTube channel and the Website goes by the name, Bharti Share Market. They have around 8.33 Lakhs subscribers on their channel with 518 videos uploaded. As per the allegations, they used to send people to their Telegram account and give stock consultancies.

Thus, making promises for 1000% returns on investments makes their work illegal and inappropriate. The penalty does not end here. SEBI not only barred Ravindra Bharti, they also barred his wife, Shubhangi Ravindra Bharti, director, Rahul Ananta Gosavi, and Dhanashri Chandrakant Gosavi. Recently, there was also a debate on bringing the influencers under the SEBI’s regulatory umbrella. However, it went cool after some time.

Thus, all the investors need to think before investing with someone who makes such claims. As SEBI itself does not support the claims of 1000% returns. He has two YouTube channels that are successful. The channel name is Bharti Share Market which is available in both Hindi and Marathi. Thus, he had good knowledge and prominence in the market.

Ravindra Bharti Education also provided some investment advice in its Telegram group that should not be done as they are not registered with SEBI. Thus, it is their primary responsibility to follow the guidelines of the regulatory of the industry you are entering into. SEBI is trying hard to provide the current market information to the users. They protect the people in the share market from such false claims.

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