Sikkim becomes the first state in India to introduce an AI-powered traffic management system. It will be capable of performing the several activities our traffic officers take care of on the road. The system highlights the main features, such as checking whether the documents are updated or not, imposing a fine upon breaking the signals, and more. The system is said to be made with advanced features that can accurately track every detail. 

Sikkim Is The First Indian State To Introduce AI-Powered Traffic Management System

Sikkim is the first state to introduce an AI-powered traffic management system. It has yet to go live. However, sources mention that Sikkim will have this system working on its roads from 25 May 2024 onwards. Thus, it will ease traffic management as the state is a tourist destination. Thousands of visitors visit Sikkim for its beauty. 

The notice is out from the officials to keep their documents updated to avoid any penalty. It will be applicable for both public and private vehicles. More details still need to be provided by the officials. However, Transport Commissioner-cum Secretary Raj Yadav talked about the issue. He mentions that the system can deduct your current document status. It will include insurance, tax, fitness, pollution, and other documents’ expiry date. Apart from that, the systems are made in such a way that it will deduct the brokerage of traffic rules.

Any vehicle jumping signals and not following the lane will be detected, and a challan will be implemented. Thus, the people are eager to see how the system works. If the system works all right, Sikkim will become the first state to use an AI-powered traffic management system. AI is improving every day, and innovations are making it possible to innovate in a helpful way.

Traffic management systems are needed at every corner. It can help prevent several accidents. If people get punished for breaking the traffic rules, they will surely start following all the rules and become responsible, leading to safer roads. There occur several incidents where minors drive cars at overspeed. Thus, the proper system will encourage people to drive in a controlled manner. Sikkim is a country of tourists. A lot of vehicles enter and exit the state. These systems will help to maintain order on the roads. It is merely the beginning of Artificial Intelligence growth and innovations. There is a lot more to come.

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