A 17-year-old teen killed two people after crashing his porche in their bikes. He is going viral as he belongs to an influential family of builders. His father is Vishal Agarwal. He is a builder. The family belongs to the Brahmadatt Agarwal, founder of Brahma Corp. They have contributed to several projects in several cities. As per the details, the two people were killed on the spot. However, the police are taking the case lightly as he is a minor. 

Vishal Agarwal Builder

Vishal Agarwal is the father of the accused teen guy responsible for the two killed in his Porsche accident. As per the details, the accused was drunk. The police are trying to favour the minor by keeping him in remand as they feel he will be unsafe outside. People will hit him for his deeds. However, the Juvenile Board mentioned that they would cancel the bail order. The defense counsel argues that the boy started drinking after an episode of depression. Thus, the jail and the incidents can kill him from the inside. Therefore, he will be good with his mother. 

Another police officer asked to make the case lenient by granting him bail after the 300-word essay on road safety. However, the case is still ongoing, and several sections have been imposed on him. The following sections are imposed on teenagers for drinking and driving:

Section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act (Driving By A Drubken Person)

Section 184 (Action Against Those Violating traffic rules through rash or dangerous driving)

Section 199 ( Age limit in connection to Motor Vehicles)

Section 177 General Provision of Punishment of Offences)

Vishal Agarwal is a builder who has owned his grandfather’s business for 40 years. He is running the company successfully in the market. Vishal is also involved in the family business and is associated with Brahma Multispace and Brahma Multicon. He is a multi-millionaire. According to reports of all his businesses, Vishal Aggarwal owns Rs. 601 Crore, including the worth of his company’s shares. The report is by Aaj Tak on their website.

The individuals who passed away in the accident are named Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta. They were friends and working as a software engineer. Ashwini left his life on the sport. However, Aneesh was taken to the hospital but was not able to survive. There are no details about the victim’s parents yet. However, several people are angry after the incident and want justice for the two boys who left the world after the incident. 

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