Delhi has been on high alert for the past month. As we all know, the city is experiencing many bomb threats that are all hoaxes. 22 May 2024 records another bomb threat at the Home Ministry Office in North Block. However, nothing was found as usual. The fire and security reached the office. The detection and investigation found nothing like a bomb at the office. It is not the first time. These bomb threats have been continuously sent since the beginning of the month.

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Delhi Receives Bob Threats In-Home Ministry Office

Starting from 1 May 2024, more than 125 bomb threats were received on a single day to private schools. Later, several hospitals received the same bomb threat. These were Burari Government Hospital and Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. Jails like Tihar Jail also received a similar threat on 14 May 2024. The Delhi police are ready to take all the steps for the safety of the children. Thus, they are becoming more aware of these threats.

The details mention that the hoax is spreading to create a mass panic. However, the authorities are active and responsive to the mass’s needs and manage the situation and calm. The home minister receives this threat on Wednesday in the evening. In the previous reports, it was also said that the email belonged to someone in Europe. However, it has yet to be confirmed. There are no details about the same. 

Thus, after the bomb threat, there was a High alert situation. The bomb threat immediately led to two fire tenders arriving at the event. They mentioned that they received the news of the bomb threat. Fire Official Prem Lal was also present at the time of the situation. These bombs often create quite tense situations among the people. However, there are no reports as to why these bomb threats are being sent. However, the authorities are trying to keep the security of the citizens. 

The police have also taken action to prepare for any mishappening at the schools. Wherever a threat call is received, the police immediately arrive on duty. Today’s situation was tense after the Home Ministry Office received the same threat. Not only in Delhi, Places in Bengaluru and Rajasthan have also received similar threats. However, nothing was found at the moment. The proper investigation is taking place there as well. However, everything was again a hoax. These threatening emails have created a tense atmosphere for parents who constantly worry about their children. The police have assured everyone to maintain calm.

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