Supreme Court mentions that Patanjali is a brand that people have blind trust in. However, the brand is misleading people with its misleading advertisements. They are inappropriate ads that do not follow authenticity. Supreme Court warns the company to get ready for the consequences. We will share details about the Supreme Court’s apology rejection below. Along with Patanjali, the Supreme Court also mentions the officers in Uttrakhand who did not took proper action even after several warnings.

Supreme Court Warns Patanjali to Get Ready For Consequences

Supreme Court gives warning to Patanjali for using misleading ads to get more customers. The company sent a written apology from its founders. However, the Supreme Court did not consider it to be heartfelt and real. Thus, they ask whether the apology was heartfelt. Everyone is curious to know more about the Supreme Court’s final decision. However, there is no detail about the same yet.

Supreme Court has currently warned them to be prepared for the consequences. The court further continues that it is not about one FMCG. But it will be an example for the FMCG industry to carry out their businesses authentically. Especially, when the products are consumable or getting in contact with the skin, there is a need for the products to be safe. Also, the advertisement should not claim any fake promises.

Supreme Court warns Baba Ramdev and Balkrisan, founders of Patanjali, for the consequences. They mention that the apology can’t correct everything. There is a need to go through a proper process to get the victim to go through real realization. Thus, the court has not mentioned its further actions. They will soon declare it.

The court mentions that the incident took place six times. The Uttrakhand government is also said to be answerable for allowing the license to the company to continue its work. The court gave a written notice to take action against the misleading advertisement to the Uttarakhand government in 2021. However, the officers did not take any action. They were quiet after the regular notice and warnings from the Supreme Court.

The court asks for the suspension of those officers from their roles for lack of responsibility in the work. As per the supreme court, the Patanjali medicines claim to cure the diseases. However, it fails to do so. Thus, the Uttrakhand Counsel responded after a long upon the matter. They said that they would take action against it. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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