Natco Pharma is a company that operates in both pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. The company is known for having different branches in different areas of the country. We will share details about the Natco Pharma work USFDA warning letter below. The company is working on managing the situation and continuing its operations. They mention that there might be some delay in the approval process of the products from the place. However, they will continue the work and manage to work closely with Natco Pharma for more.

Natco Pharma

Natco Pharma Gets A Warning Letter From USFDA For Kothur Plant

Natco Pharma gets a warning letter for the USFDA Kothur plant. USFDA (United States Food And Drug Administration) completed an investigation in October 2023 in the Kothur plant. The investigation looked for every detail from manufacturing to delivery. Natco has not said much about the warning letter. However, they ensure that the letter is not going to have any impact on their revenue.

Thus, they will continue their work all together. USFDA works to prevent fraudulent companies from exploiting the food and drug industry. Thus, they play a crucial role in keeping the world a place with better eatables. USFDA verified everything. They wanted to know whether the products were created under safety, purity, and quality controls or not. USFDA will take action against the company if they do not respond to their warning letter within 15 working days.

USFDA might have some inappropriateness in their Kothura plant working. Thus, they sent a warning letter to the company to make the improvements. They mention that they will soon respond to the USFDA. Till then, they will try to cooperate and manage working with USFDA on the cause. Natco ensures that they will work on all the necessary areas.

Natco will face some difficulties in manufacturing operations, product approvals, and other related works until the matter clears. If we talk about the shares of Natco, it fell by 2%. However, it is currently falling even more with a total fall of 3.33% today. There has been a curiosity among the viewers to know more about the company’s upcoming steps to protect its plant in Telangana. However, the share market shows the impact of the warning letter. Natco shares fell rapidly.

The company has a market cap of Rs. 17.13 Thousand Crore. It has a 52-week high of Rs. 1,108.35. While the all-time ow is Rs. 551. The P/E ratio is currently 13.49. The dividend yield is 0.99%. Stay tuned for more information.

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