On March 12, Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation chairman Frank Huang said their plant, which is made by the tie-up of the Tata Group in Gujarat’s Dholera, will roll out its first semiconductor chip by 2026.

Tata Group is on Track to Produce the first chip in Dholera by 2026

PSMC chairman Frank Huang also talked about relationships with the Tata Group, and when asked about investments by the Tata Group, Mr Huang said the investment can wait; currently, they are working on technology transfers; after that, the investment stage will start.

According to reports, the central and state governments combined are subsidising the project by 70%, and the rest will be covered by the Tata Group and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (a Taiwan company). The estimated project cost is $11 billion. 

In the beginning, the company will start making 28-nanometer chips and will start supplying them to the market for better understanding. The chairman said that in the beginning, they will share the technology of 28-nanometer chips, and after that, 22-nanometer technology will be shared.

The Indian government is quite optimistic about the project’s acceptance and wants Indian companies to make semiconductor chips in India, as India’s demand for semiconductors is increasing day by day. The business is expensive to start, but in the future, we all know semiconductors are the most needed thing in every electronic device. 

He also added that many big companies wanted to collaborate with them, but they found the Tata Group would be perfect for the technology transfer and investment. Tata Group is already a prestigious company in the Indian market for many products.

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