Fillers and Extenders are often used in the paints to improve their properties and lower cost. Thus, there are other substances as well used in the paints like Opacifier. It is used for the system opaque. We will have a look at some of the high-performing fillers and extenders in the articles. The fillers and extenders below are used for the effective formulations. Let us dive deep into the world of Fillers and Extenders to understand some quality fillers and extenders below.

Fillers And Extenders For The Cost Effective Formulations discussion in Paintvision Webinar

The first product is Pigment 80. It is an opacifier for Rutile TiO2. The benefit of using this is that it has a refractive Index of 2.1 with optimally spacing TiO2. It also increases light scattering. The second one is Atox. It is a colored TiO2 pigment. It has more chances to promote cost-effectiveness. It is used for different purposes like coil castings, anti-corrosive coatings, primers & Undercoats, Furniture coatings, Adhesive Sealants, and Plastics & Rubbers.

The next product is Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is of two types, Chalk/Limestone, Marble, and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC). There must be use of Sub-micron Calcium Carbonate for High Gloss & Smooth Finish Coatings. It will help in making the paint with high whiteness & Brightness and reducing the yellowness. It also lowers the formulation cost. There are important things to consider like particle size. Smaller particle size and its fine quality produce a gloss finish.

The next category is surface modification. It provides waterproofing in the exterior coatings. The benefit of using this filler is increasing durability by reducing stickiness. Apart from that, there is no dirt pickup. The next is cool coatings and heat-reflective coating. It has more IR which helps keep the room cool.

We also have another important category, AP Talc (High Aspect Ratio Talc). Talc is a Hydrated Magnesium Silicate. It majorly reduces and prevents cracking and peeling of the paint after a few years. There is an improvement in the VOC reduction. It provides salt resistance and fire resistance. Zinc Phosphate also comes in Anti-Corrosive pigment.

The next one is Organoclay Rheological Addictive. It is of two types, water-based and solvent-based. It is applicable in all types of formulations. Color pigments like Ralpigment Powder provide the durability and sustainability of the paints in harsh environmental conditions. It has four shades, RAL Phiroza, RAL 5021, Mint Green, RAL 6019, Pista, and RAL Silver Grey. Stay tuned for more information.

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