On March 1, the government of India launched three new initiatives to support women entrepreneurs. The Minister of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Narayan Rane, announced the schemes. Minister Narayan Rane also talked about women empowerment and how the government is working for women entrepreneurs; he commended the government for supporting new-age women entrepreneurs.

Under Prime Minister's Transformative Leadership, India Sees Unprecedented Surge in Women Entrepreneurs: Narayan Rane

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 10 years of leadership, women got the power to make decisions and were promoted as entrepreneurs under many schemes. Lakhpatididi and NariShakti are some examples of schemes that helped Indian women. 

He was giving a speech at the 9th Annual Shakti International Women Entrepreneurs Summit, which was held in Delhi. He further added that more than 1.4 crore MSMEs are led by women today and counting.

The three new initiatives will help women entrepreneurs and will encourage new women to come out of household duties and focus on business as well. The three initiatives are as follows: the mentorship platform of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform, the Women Entrepreneurship Platform Unnati-Udyamita se Pragati tak, and Panjikaran se Pragati.

The mentorship platform will connect women entrepreneurs with experienced mentors who can provide them with guidance and support. Women Entrepreneurship Platform Unnati-Udyamita se Pragati is a national campaign to support women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to credit, markets, and mentorship. 

Lastly, Panjikaran se Pragati aims to support women entrepreneurs from marginalised communities by providing them with skill development training and market linkages.

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