The election results are out. Everyone is waiting for the prime minister to take the oath. While the PM has yet to take the oath, there is a lot of confusion going on about who will form the government. The BJP alone won 240 seats but it achieved a majority with NDA. On the other hand, INDIA Bloc with 234 seats will also reach the majority of NDA allies with them. However, the sources mention that Narendra Modi will soon take the oath as PM.

Narendra Modi Oath

Narendra Modi To Take Oath As Prime Minister Of India For The Third Time

The confusion among both the parties forming the government is increasing. The share market is also showing some fluctuations due to uncertainty in the government formation. Amid these ongoing confusions, Nitish Kumar’s JDU plays a crucial role as he has the power to choose his alliance. The one he chooses will form the government in alliance. However, Senior BJP Leader, Pralhad Joshi mentions that Narendra Modi will take the oath as Prime Minister of India on 9 June 2024, Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

He will become the prime minister of India for the third consecutive time. Narendra Modi will be the second PM to win three times in a go after PM, Jawahar Lal Nehru. The BJP will form a government in alliance with NDA on Sunday. According to the sources, there are expectations that the JP Nadda will support Modi’s leadership. The NDA alliance with the BJP led to a majority of 293 seats with 293 MPs that will decide the prime minister of India.

Several leaders already congratulated PM Modi for his third win. The meeting with NDA that took place yesterday led to several discussions. JP Nadda also sent well wishes and congratulated Narendra Modi. He mentions that PM Modi is a man who has spent every moment in the nation’s service. Apart from that, Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio also congratulates him. Goa CM, Pramod Sawant expressed his sorrow for winning only one seat in the state. He expressed his desire to win more seats for the time.

Thus, to conclude, Senior BJP leader, Pralhad Joshi, passed the statement that Narendra Modi will take oath as PM on 9 June 2024, Sunday. Thus, it will be a crucial moment for the whole country. The BJP supporters are already excited for Modi’s leadership. Several discussions are going on among the other party members from the INDIA Bloc.

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