French artist Ben Vautier commits suicide after his wife’s death. Ben married Annie Vutier and spent their life together in love. However, the sudden tragedy took his wife’s life leaving him in shock. Ben was a French artist. People know him for his performative arts and artistic endeavors. He was among the top-class artists. Losing him is a big loss for the industry. People are sending condolences to the couple and are considering the depth of their love and devotion for each other.

French Artist Ben Vautier

French Artist Ben Vautier Biography, Why He Committed Suicide

French Artist Ben and his wife, Annie’s love was an inspiration. Everyone is considering them and the strong bond that they shared. In today’s world where love is measured in other monetary terms, the couple showed us another example of a great love story. People know Ben Vautier for his art and creativity. However, people will also know him now for his love and commitment towards his partner.

Ben Vautier was born in 1935 to Benjamin Vautier. He completed his formal education and started leaning towards the arts. He explored more and found it interesting. Ben learned everything from zero on his own. Thus, his work still has that prominence. His every work shows something fresh and unique. In the middle of these events, everyone is looking for the reason behind Ben’s suicide and what happened to his wife.

Ben’s wife, Annie Vautier, passed away due to a stroke at 3:00 a.m. on Friday. However, Ben was not able to bear the loss of his love. He was unable to process what happened. The incident impacted him so badly that he decided to take his life. Ben didn’t feel like living without his love in this world as she was the world for him. Annie was his everything.

His family has mentioned the incident on Facebook with a quote, “Geniuses never stay alone”. Everyone is paying tribute to him on social media sending him condolences. Ben and his wife teach us another aspect of love through their story. Several artists consider him their inspiration to work in this way that can inspire others. Ben got exposure to different cultures. He lived in countries like Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Egypt which also gave him more creative ideas over time. He lived in Nice since 1949. Ben Vautier will always remain in the hearts of his loved ones as an inspiration. Stay tuned for more information.

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