Blinkit is a prominent brand and people know it for its 10-minute delivery service. The company deals in several groceries, stationery, and food items delivery. However, Zomato-owned Blinkit was violating the food safety rules. FSSAI mentions that Blinkit’s violation can lead to poor health for the people who order and consume anything from it. Food like pulses are sent for testing. The company will face the consequences and actions in case of anything found in the test reports.


Blinkit Violates The FSSAI Food Safety Rules

Blinkit violates the FSSAI food safety rules. FSSAI discovers unfair practices at the Telangana warehouse of Blinkit. The warehouse was having poor working conditions and mismanagement. Bad food quality and unhygienic warehouse conditions raise several concerns about the food quality. The inspection occurred at Blinkit warehouse at Devar Yamjal, Medchal Malkajgiri District on 5 June 2024. The organization posted on 7 June 2024 on X.

The posts mention that the racks were dusty and unhygienic. There was no Fostac trainee. Headgear, gloves, and aprons were missing. The food handlers did not have their medical fitness certificates. Cosmetics and food products were kept together. The workers not wearing proper gloves and aprons can lead to the spread of several contagious infections and diseases. Apart from that, keeping the cosmetics and the food products together can lead to the mixing of the chemicals.

The people trusting the brand now have several questions raised. Kamakshi Foods is the manufacturer of the supplied food products. FSSAI has sent several products including pulses, Suji, Peanut Butter, Maida, Poha, Besan, and Bajra for testing. The results will soon come out. Everyone is curious to know more about the truth behind it. However, the Food Safety Board’s pictures on X reveal everything, especially about maintenance and hygiene.

The picture shows the boxes of grocery items spread out. Blinkit Warehouse conditions reveal a lot about what we see and what the reality is. The organization will take action soon after the investigation. Till that period, the toor dal and ragi flour are seized from further selling. The seized products have a value of Rs. 52,000. After the incident went viral, everyone was curious to know more about the company’s response. Blinkit replied that safety is the most important aspect for them. They prefer to work closely with the safety and hygiene needs of the consumers. However, the media and the people don’t agree with it after the release of the pictures.

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