A Nigerian Woman tried to attempt a Guinness World Record for painting nails for three days. She is inspired to paint the nails to empower women from Nigeria. We will share details about 19-year-old Lisha Dachor who is a single teenage mother. The Guinness World Record has not given the final answer to whether she qualifies as a record holder or not. Let us explore more about the life and the reason of Nigerian Woman behind making this attempt.

Who Is Lisha Dachor? A Nigerian Woman Sets Guinness World Records For Painting Nails For 3 Days

A Nigerian Woman Attempts Guinness World Record And Paints 4,000 Nails:

A Nigerian woman named Lisha Dachor attempts to make a Guinness World Record by painting 4,000 nails. She continued painting the nails for 72 hours. Her main motive is to promote teenage single mothers. Apart from that, she also wants people to know about Plateau State, Northern Nigeria. However, the Guinness World Record has kept her work under review. She submitted pictures of her work.

Guinness World Record also mentions that she must paint 60 fingernails per hour to break the previous record. Many pictures show her painted nails along with her hugging other women. She painted 4,000 nails in colors like Blue, Pink, and Purple. Her journey has been difficult as being a single mother.

Plateau is her hometown. The area is known for having a mixture of Christian and Muslim people. The images of her nails painted with pink and blue colors are going viral. She wants the people to know about Plateau and it can come on the map. Her successful attempt at the Guinness World Record will make her home state known among the people.

Apart from that, she also said that she wants to support other women who are single teenage mothers. If she gets the record successfully, she can become an example for other women of her ethnic group. She will be able to empower those women. Lisha Dachor is a mere 19 years old. She is an example for all the woman who thinks that a mother can’t do anything for her self-growth.

She believes that women also have a life for themselves and that they can do anything they want. She represents herself as a strong independent single mother who is taking herself to unlimited heights and potential. Guinness World Record kept her evidence under review. We wish her all the best for her journey ahead in achieving the Guinness World Record title. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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