Nifty may crash by 1,200 points. The expectations of a downfall are quite high as per the experts. Its current value is around Rs. 21,957.50. It is moving down by 1.55% today. In the past six months, the graph followed an upward trend growing by 13.04%. However, it had a high fluctuation in the past month with an overall downfall of 3.50%. We will share details about the Nifty 50 expected crash and other details below. Let us have more details about the Nifty crash below.

Will Nifty Crash to 1200 Points in Upcoming Days?

Nifty 50 expects to have a crash by 1,200 points in case the level is broken. The market is already down by 3.4% or 764 points. The market seems to be having increased selling. At every level, we are seeing a fall. It is so much smoother at the time. It is moving down at a continuous pace but not with a sudden fall. It is falling at a continuous level. While other markets seemed to be having a good rise. The main reason is that many companies are having bad quarter results.

Nifty 50 will be moving down at a high speed. Several stocks are going down at a high rate. There is almost a 1.5% fall or 1,000 points fall in BSE Sensex. There is a continuous hammering and bull patterns today. Apart from that, the market does not seem to have any major reason for the fall of the market from the foreign side. It is said to be the internal reason behind the high volatility in the market.

Reasons such as Election votes are becoming the major reason for the downfall. Apart from that, other shares like HDFC Bank are also falling at a high rate. ICICI Bank and Infosys are moving a little weak. These are the Index leaders. Thus, the fall of these companies will lead to a fall in nifty. However, it is very common in the elections. In the coming years, the investors can benefit from this falling graph as well.

The market seems to have a lot of pressure at the moment. It is often seen that the share market falls because of the foreign markets also. However, the foreign markets are performing highly well. However, the current fall is all because of Lok Sabha Elections 2024. It will have a high chance of falling for some time before the elections. We hope you get enough details about the Nifty 50 crash and its main reason above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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