The officials found gold and electronics worth crores at Mumbai Airport. They seized that gold and electronics at Mumbai Airport. In the past four days, three people have been under arrest. The news is going viral as 10.6 kg of gold and electronics worth Rs. 8.68 Crores is collected in these few days of operation. The officials found gold dust in wax, crude jewellery and bars. Mumbai Custom Zone III made the official announcement. Why the people carry gold in such a way? Let us find out more about it below.

₹8.68 Cr Worth Gold And Electronics Seized At Mumbai Airport

Gold And Electronics Seized At Mumbai Airport

Around 10.6 Kg of gold and Rs. 8.68 crores of electronics were seized at the Mumbai Airport. Three persons have been arrested already. Apart from that, a contractual airport staffer was also secretly keeping gold dust in wax, having a value of Rs. 81.8 lakhs. Two people from Bahrain and Male kept 1890g of gold as gold dust in wax. Some were having it on their body. The cases are increasing every day.

It not only includes the people from foreign. It also includes people from India. Five Non-Residents of India had gold kept in the same format. They were travelling from Nairobi, Colombo, and Dubai. While, there are 14 Indians that travelled from Dubai, Jeddah, Sharjah, and Singapore.

Chattrapati Shivaji Airport has many such cases. Another case includes eight Indians who bought mobile phones, laptops, and Dubai’s cosmetic brands in bulk, accounting for Rs. 1.95 Crores. As these electronics are cheaper in Dubai, they sell them in India at a cheaper price. Apart from that, another individual was carrying a lot of Qatari riyals on a flight from Mumbai to Doha. He had 74,000 Qatari Riyals. It is almost at the value of Rs. 17.5 lakhs which is a big amount.

These cases continue. The news is going viral as the amount and value of these gold and electronics are increasing at a high speed. The checking became strict after the increase in such cases. Many people especially visit countries like Thailand and Dubai to buy electronics. iPhone being high in cost in India due to taxes has a lot of demand for which several individuals visit abroad countries for it.

There are cases where people are taking these smartphones and laptops in bulk to sell them in India at a cheaper price than the company’s price. They use these techniques to earn high profits. People from India travelled to other countries to collect the gold and electronics to sell in the country.

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