Adani Group can soon enter the UPI and digital payment business. Google being the top player in the industry has maximum market share. Thus, Adani Group is planning a proper strategy to launch its services soon. The company is trying to get a license from the Unified Payment Interface for the services. The approval will lead to the users of Adani One using these services. It is among the top features of the apps. Everyone is curious to explore more about this app.

Adani Group Prepares To Enter The UPI And Digital Payment Business

Adani Group Tries To Enter The UPI And Digital Payments Business

Adani Group is trying to enter the UPI and Digital Payments business. The company is looking for approval from UPI. It is also looking for its credit card with the name Adani credit card. Adani will not only provide these services but also offer options for ONDC shopping. These two platforms have the majority of the consumers, ONDC and UPI.

Adani’s app provides a lot of services to the consumers. The app can provide consumers with hotel booking services, flight reservations, and travel-related facilities. The company first aims to start the process of reaching its travel clients who use the services to book hotels and flights through the app. Consumers from the airports and gas and electricity will also be the target audience.

Adani is thinking of providing the ONDC shopping as well. He has already grown a lot in the recent few years. The company is looking to expand further in the different available fields. Adani is currently focusing on the payments field and e-commerce field. Several oil-related controversies are going on with Adani as well. As per the details, Adani provided the lower-quality coal at a higher price. Thus, Modi is also accusing the opposing party in elections as responsible for taking black money from Adani.

Adani Group is also in conversation with the banks for credit card facilities. The e-commerce platform ONDC is a government platform, expanding rapidly in the country. More and more people get to know about it. However, the company is now focused on increasing its presence in the industry. Someone also said that Adani can also add NDTV’s content to the app. It will add a variety of options for consumers in a single app. Adani acquired NDTV a few years ago. The news platform is under the Adani group at the moment. There were controversies during the acquisition. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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