Sensex touches the 75,000 mark for the first time. The traders expect it to reach above 81,000 soon. This pre-election rally was a surprise to the traders. Thus, the market expects to move up in the coming weeks. The market closed today at 74,665.32. After touching its all-time high, Sensex fell a little towards the end. We will share details about the BSE Sensex fall and all-time high record below. Let’s dive deep into the performance of Sensex today.

Market is at All time high, Sensex Hits ₹75,000 for the first time

Sensex touches its all-time high for the first time at the 75,000 mark. It is currently valued at Rs. 74,683.70 or -58.80 or 0.079%. It moved down after touching its all-time high. The 52-week high is Rs. 75,124.28. However, the lowest in 52 weeks is Rs. 59,412.81. If we talk about the 5 days, it reached to 1.35% or +993.62.

Not only Sensex, Nifty 50 also touched its all-time high of Rs. 22,768 today. Its 52-week high is Rs. 22,768.40 and its 52-week low is Rs. 17,553.95. The current value of the Nifty 50 is Rs. 22,642.75. It went down after touching its all-time high. It was 0.10% down today. Thus, both the frontline indices went to their highest in the opening trade. It fell continuously in the afternoon trade.

Sensex is 1.61% high in a month and 13.02% high in the past six months. If we look at the overall growth of the chart, it only went up. The future expectations are that the chart will go even higher. The economy of India is growing high. The morning trade on 9 April gave benefits to those who are already studying the markets.

Thus, further predictions reveal the Sensex to touch above the 81,000 mark. There are several reasons why the market is going up. The foremost reason is stronger earnings in Q4. The market is among is facing the higher highs and the lower highs pattern. The domestic markets are also growing nowadays. People in the domestic market are becoming more aware. They are focusing on increasing their business.

The overall economy of India is booming with stable policy momentum. The market is following a bullish trend. Apart from the Sensex and Nifty 50, there is Bank Nifty as well. It is currently at 48,730.55. It also touched its all-time high of Rs. 48,960.75 recently. While the all-time low is 41,799. We will provide more updates about the Sensex and Nifty markets shortly. The upcoming trend is going to be bullish. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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