Sanathan Textiles files DRHP papers with SEBI. If the company successfully registers with SEBI, there will be around Rs. 800 crore rising through the IPO. We will share details about Sanathan Textiles IPO and DRHP papers below. The company deals in quality textiles including lightweight and breathable polyester. The company manufactures all kinds of sportswear and athletic clothing. Let us dive deep into the Santhan Textiles’ upcoming DRHP files below.

Sanathan Textiles Files DRHP Papers to raise around ₹800 crores

Sanathan Textiles Files DRHP Papers With SEBI

Sanathan Textiles will file DRHP papers with SEBI. The company can soon open its IPO. The date is yet to be confirmed. However, the expectations are that Sanathan Textiles will release its IPO by September 2024 or earlier. The company has not confirmed anything yet. There will be an issue of both fresh equity shares and an offer for sale. From the 800 crores, the fresh issue of equity shares will be for Rs. 500 crores, and the offer for sale will be for Rs. 300 crores.

There are possibilities that the company can take a pre-IPO as well. Thus, it will lead to a total of Rs. 100 crores reducing from the fresh issue. The company will be listed on both NSE and BSE. The company already looked for proper investment of the money to be received. There will be around Rs. 175 crores used for the debt payment. Apart from that, there will be Rs. 210 crore to be used for running a company’s subsidiary.

Sanathan Textiles is currently making a good revenue. The company completed a revenue of Rs. 3,329.21 crore in FY 2023. Apart from that, the company made a PAT (profit after tax) of Rs. 152.74 Crores. Thus, Sanathan Textiles is profitable and expects to be the same in the coming years as per the projected reports for the upcoming year.

Sanathan Textiles files DRHP recently. The company made the announcement publicly. The company will divide the shares into both fresh equity shares and offers for sale. The yarn manufacturing company is eager for its public listing. More and more investors are looking forward to its growth. There will be a total raising of Rs. 800 crore.

The main promoters will make the offer for sale. Apart from that, the company will announce the IPO date as soon as it gets the SEBI approval. We will provide you with more updates shortly. We hope you get enough details about Sanathan Textiles DRHP filing above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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