Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann recently made an announcement that brought good news to farmers in the state. He declared a significant increase of Rs 11 per quintal in the price of sugarcane setting it at Rs 391 per quintal which is now the highest rate in the country. Mann took to social media to share the news, emphasizing Punjab’s consistent leadership in enhancing sugarcane rates. This move comes in response to the farmers’ concerns and protests, with the Chief Minister acknowledging the importance of addressing their demands.

Sugarcane Price Hiked By Rs 11 per Quintal: Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann Hikes Sugarcane Price By ₹11 per quintal

This decision followed days of anticipation after Mann assured farmers of positive developments. The new rate reflects the government’s commitment to supporting the agricultural community, especially amid previous protests where farmers demanded an increase from Rs 380 to Rs 450 per quintal.

It is to be noted that, last week, farmers staged a demonstration on a national highway in Jalandhar temporarily blocking the route. However, they decided to end their protest after Mann’s assurance and a subsequent meeting between farmer leaders and the Chief Minister.

It’s worth noting that neighboring state Haryana had previously announced a hike of Rs 14, bringing the sugarcane price to Rs 386 per quintal. Punjab’s decision to raise it to Rs 391 demonstrates a competitive approach to supporting its agricultural sector.

Punjab Chief Minister, Bhagwant Mann shared good news for farmers by increasing the sugarcane price by Rs 11 per quintal to reach Rs 391, making it the highest rate in India. This decision came after farmer protests and assures from the Chief Minister. The move aims to support farmers and address their concerns. Earlier, neighboring Haryana had raised the sugarcane price to Rs 386. Punjab’s increase to Rs 391 demonstrates its commitment to farmers and competitiveness in the agricultural sector. Overall, this decision is a positive step for Punjab’s farming community and economic well-being.

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